Mexican reporter taking off her underwear in full interview

Mexican reporter Andrea Vilash was doing a special story about band La Original Banda El Limon. How special? So special that she lifted up her dress and pulled off her thong for them. A+ journalism.

Click here to watch the video

Vilash is seen in the fairly NSFW video, below, conversing with the band before deciding to lift up her dress, allow the band members to pull down her thong, and then ultimately remove it herself while one of guys shoots photos up her dress.

The original video was filmed in March but resulted in Vilash’s firing after blowing up recently.

The important thing? That was super unprofessional and bizarre and kind of rapey but that’s also just about the first news clip I could ever scrap one out to in a pinch so I say hire her back. Local news is a joke anyway, might as well make it fun for all.

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