Migiro encourages Tanzania’s women to work hard

Former UN Deputy General Secretary, Dr Asha-Rose Mtengeti Migiro has encouraged Tanzania’s women to work hard so as to boost the national economy and general development.

Former UN Deputy General Secretary, Dr Asha-Rose Migiro (7Th from L) with Speaker Anne Makinda (her R) and other women MPs in Dodoma on Saturday.

Speaking to females legislators in her special visit in Dodoma this weekend, Dr Migiro said for any country to develop, it needs joint efforts between woman and man, so the MPs have to be role models to other Tanzanian women.

“You have a very important role to play in Tanzania. And you should encourage other women to work hard in order to nurture national development.”

Also Dr Migiro talked about her UN role and different challenges which she faced during her time in office.

“There are many challenges which I faced, one of them you don’t sleep there, you work for 24 hours. In UN you don’t have to be shallow, not saying today I’m tired I cannot meet a particular guest, you cannot hide because they know all your contacts, even no excuse, today you say there is no electricity, is there 24 hours.”

Former Deputy UN General Secretary shared her experience with the MPs encouraging them on how they can perform better in their daily duties.

Dr Asha-Rose Migiro, who served in UN from 2007-2012, visited women MPs at Assembly in Dodoma on Saturday following Speaker’s invitation.