Miss Tanzania website inaugurated

Tanzanians have been told to regard beauty contests as an activity as others that can be able to bring progress to those participating in it once it is properly done.

This was said by the Chairman of Miss Tanzania Committee, Mr Prashant Patel during the inauguration of the official website of Miss Tanzania, http://www.misstanzaniatreasures.com, over the weekend in Dar es Salaam.

“The aim of this website, among others, is to educate and show that participating in beauty contests is an activity like others and has no relation with bad conducts whatsoever as other people continue to believe,” Patel said.

He noted that the majority of those who at any time of their life contested in Miss Tanzania have relatively good life, each one doing an activity she loves and able to do. He explained that the website want to track and create a comprehensive data base on all those who participated in the contests, document what they are doing, their dreams and challenges.

There are up to five thousands Miss Tanzania participants since it started in 1994. He said that his Committee believes that these beauties are the nation’s treasure that cannot be left alone, without any support. The inauguration of the website will be followed with the establishment of the magazine also to be called Miss Tanzania Treasures.

Explaining further, he said part of the profit from the website and the magazine will be used to support former and current contestants plus assisting orphans in the country. “This website will help people throughout the world knowing about Miss Tanzania contests and therefore the country’s tourism sector,” he said.

He said that the website will help in connecting contestants themselves and with the rest of development stakeholders on the other hand. “We will involve other stakeholders and we urge them to support us in this important endeavour,” he said. The Managing Director of the website, Mr Ali Zoeb said that the website will be dedicated in helping contestants wherever they are in and outside the country.

The project’s Media Consultant, Peter Keasi said that the website and the magazine will act as a bridge to help contestants in and outside the country communicate and forge common development agendas. The website inauguration was attended by this year’s Miss Tanzania beauty contestants and other stakeholders.

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