Over 30,000 join Form Five in state schools

Over 10,000 form five slots in public schools will remain vacant after only 33,683 students who sat for last year’s National Form Four Examinations passed with balanced combinations.

Deputy Minister for Educational and Vocational Training, Mr Phillip Mulugo

Students are due to report to their respective schools on July 29. The Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo, said in Dar es Salaam that the number was, however, up by 9.15 per cent when compared to last year where 30,859 were picked to join form five.

“There were 43,757 form five slots out of which 18,564 were for science students and 25,193 for arts. The number is an increase of 3,757 slots compared to 41,000 that were available in 2012,” he said. Mr Mulugo noted further that there have been achievements in the science subjects as all the slots for science combinations have been filled and surpassed.

“For example, in the PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) combination, there were 6,188 slots and allocated students are 6,400. Whereas in arts many posts have remained vacant,” he said.

Mr Mulugo gave an example of HKL (History, Kiswahili, Language) which is an arts combination, saying that there were 5,300 posts but only 1,527 students qualified.

He said out of 23,383 boys picked to join form five, 13,708 or 58.62 per cent have been picked to join science studies, and 9,675 or 41.38 per cent have been picked to join arts. He added that out of 10,300 girls, 5,038 or 48.91 per cent have been picked to join science combinations and 5,262 or 51.09 per cent were chosen for arts.

“The chosen students have been allocated in 207 schools, this accounts for an addition of two more schools this year which are Tandahimba in Mtwara Region and Miono in Coast Region,” he said.

In another development 530 students have been picked to join vocational training colleges and the Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI) out of which boys are 416 and girls are 114.

Mr Mulugo noted that the number has declined from that of last year which was 564 but the number of girls joining vocational training has increased tremendously by 142.55 per cent from 47 last year to 114 this year.

“I call upon girls in secondary schools to increase efforts in studying science subjects so that in the next year we will have more girls in vocational training,” said Mr Mulugo.

The minister generally associated the increase of the number of students joining science combinations in form five and girls joining vocational training to investment made by the government in science teaching.

Last year Form Four Examination results were marred with historic poor performance that forced the government to have it standardised where 159,609 out of 397,138 candidates passed compared to 126,851 that passed in the results which were earlier nullified.

The number of private candidate who passed the Examination was 26,191 out of 61,001. Girls were 11, 581 and boys 14,910. Out of 159,609 students who passed the examination, girls were 60,751 and boys were 98,858.

By ABDULWAKIL SAIBOKO, Tanzania Daily News

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