Tanzania Government comes up with national disaster preparedness plan

The Prime Minister’s Office, through the Disaster Management Department (DMU), has launched a National Disaster Programme to effectively respond to disasters so as to save lives and protect property.

William Lukuvi

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Policy, Coordination and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr William Lukuvi

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam the PMO’s Information Officer, Mr Augustino Tendwa, said the programme was launched by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Coordination and Parliamentary Affairs), Mr William Lukuvi.

“Through consultation with key stakeholders, the government has developed a national emergency preparedness and response plan that provides guidelines for coordination and response to all types of disasters and emergencies at all levels of the government,” he said.

In the programme, it has outlined the responsibilities of stakeholders in order to identify what the relevant stakeholders’ responsibilities are when emergency occurs. Mr Tendwa added that every year October 13 would be marked internationally as a day for reducing the impact of disasters.

This year the PMO will mark the day together with the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). The United Nations provided the slogan for this year, whose theme is “Disability and Disasters A NOT SO OBVIOUS CONVERSATION – Join in.”

“This special day will be celebrated each year with the slogan which puts priority on issues needed to be insisted and this year is directed at a group of people with disability,” Tendwa remarked.

By GLADNESS GEOFREY, Tanzania Daily News

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