Teachers urged to be ethical

Teachers have been challenged to be ethical and adhere to professional code of conduct in order to boost education quality in the country.

Saint Augustine University of Tanzania Vice-Chancellor Dr Charles Kitima

St. Augustine University’s (SAUT) Vice- Chancellor, Dr Charles Kitima made the call when opening a teachers’ professional forum in Mwanza yesterday.

“Teachers are honoured worldwide owing to their professional code of conduct. For example, in Finland and Singapore teachers’ salaries are given priority in order to maintain education quality,” said Dr Kitima.

He also said that education should transform society, short of which then something would be wrong with that education. The forum was organized by SAUT’s Faculty of Education.

Dr Kitima reiterated the need of showing seriousness on the part of the government by consulting with other education stakeholders and discussing on how to share research findings.

He stressed that the teaching profession was not respected in Tanzania because there is no system of enabling teachers to perform their duties efficiently. Dr Kitima called for a new education policy to bridge the education gap between the poor and the rich.

By MOSES MATTHEW, Tanzania Daily News

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Teachers urged to be ethical

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