Two French citizens are feared missing from their house at Matemwe...

Two French nationals feared missing in Isles

Two French citizens are feared missing from their house at Matemwe Village in Zanzibar, as neighbours revealed that they have not been seen since December last year.

The two individuals are Miss Brigitte Meny 59 and Mr François Cherrier 62.

One of the neighbours to Miss Brigitte’s in Matemwe who preferred anonymity spoke to the ‘Daily News’ saying that both individuals are missing and they registered their presence in the country at the Embassy of France in Dar es Salaam in April 2013.

Contacted by the ‘Daily News’, the North Unguja Regional Police Commander, Khalfan Mohammed Msangi, noted that he was hearing about the incident from the reporter and wanted time to follow up on the matter with his subordinates.

“Only Brigitte has lived in Matemwe since sometime in the beginning of last year. She had bought the property (house), but still had to finish relocating from France,” said another neighbour.

An interesting twist to events since her disappearance include neighbours having found her dog dead in one of the rooms in the house but without details as to her whereabouts and that of her colleague.

The whereabouts of the two, who went missing in Matemwe since mid December continues to baffle colleagues and friends.

When ‘Daily News’ sought to get further details from the French Embassy in Dar es Salaam on the disappearance of the two citizens, the security official said the number of the reporter had used was reserved for emergencies for French citizens who find themselves in danger, when in the country.

The disappearance of the two citizens is doing rounds in forums with some fearing that the two could have lost their lives.

“I also tried to get information from her bank account, if there were any bank transactions, but I could not get it. To my knowledge this is the only bank Brigitte banked with,” said another colleague in Stone town who has been searching for her without success so far.

Source Tanzania Daily News

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