UN Peacekeepers

12 UN Peacekeepers Killed In Congo Following Islamist Attack

More than a dozen peacekeepers along with five army men have been killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) late Thursday after heavily armed militants overran a remote base following hours of confused fighting.

The local Islamist extremist group wounded over half ton peacekeepers too and many of them are said to be in a critical condition. Death toll is feared to rise.

United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres condemned the attack saying it is the worst in the history of the organization.

Guterres said, “Today is a very tragic day for the UN family.”

The previous such attack on the UN peacekeepers was in 1993 when 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Somalia and several Congolese army troops also sustained casualties attempting to aid the forces.

In early 2006 eight Guatemalan peacekeepers were killed in eastern DRC while carrying out reconnaissance missions.

About a year before to the incidence nine Bangladeshi peacekeepers were killed while patrolling in north eastern DRC.

Apart from DRC there have been similar attacks on peacekeepers in other countries too including Mali, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Central African Republic.

In mid-2016 five Togolese peacekeepers were killed the central region of Mopti in Mali and five Chadian peacekeepers were killed near Aguelhoc in north eastern Mali.

Earlier this year five Cambodians and Moroccan peacekeepers were killed in south east of the Central African Republic.

In 1994 two dozens of Pakistani peacekeepers were killed in Mogadishu, Somalia. In the same year 10 Belgian Blue Berets were lynched while protecting the then prime minister of Rwanda.