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15K Vacancies In Civil Services Announced

About fifteen thousand job vacancies have been made in civil services and interested potential workers can apply for it by the end of June 2017.

The Permanent Secretary in the Tanzania President’s Office (Public Service and Good Governance), Laurian Ndumbaro, said recently over 9,000 civil servants were sacked due to fake documents and the government has asked institutions to submit their requirements to the earliest.

President John Magufuli sacked 9,932 such workers who were found to had forged their academic certificates to while applying for the jobs.

In the recent public servants’ verification of academic qualifications these workers were found to have submitted fake certificates.

The president also ordered to withheld the salaries of the affected workers and announced they need to defend themselves in court.

Magufuli said about Sh19.84 billion were being lost every month in terms of salaries to these workers.

He added that such ghost workers are thieves and their names should be published in all the leading media in Tanzania to shame them for the wrong doing.

The president continued, “I am giving them up to May 15 to leave voluntarily, failing which the law must take its course. If found guilty, they should be imprisoned for seven years according to the law.”

Minister of State in the President’s Office for Regional Administration, Local Government, Civil Service and Good Governance, Angella Kairuki, said earlier that no stones will be left unturned in the verification process of the new candidates who will be applying for the jobs.

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