3 Muslims Hacked To Death At Masjit Rahmani Mosque In Mwanza

Mwanza – Chief of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA), Sheikh Zubeir bin Ally has condemned killing of the leader of Masjit Rahmani Mosque, Imam Ferouz Ismail Elias, and two others on Wednesday night in Mwanza Region.

Ally has urged all the Muslims in Tanzania to remain calm as police is investigating to find reasons behind the incidents.

Several other worshippers have sustained injuries in the incident.

Ally said they are shocked to know an unidentified group assaulted Muslims at Ibanda Mkolani in Mwanza Region.

He added the act is inhuman and cannot be tolerated, but urged all the Tanzanians in general to help the police in manhunt so that the suspects are arrested and legal action could be taken against them.

Ally has also asked all the Muslim institutions to provide support to the deceased families.

He further added, “I am directing Bakwata leaders in the region to ensure that those who are injured and the deceased families get support all the time.”

The Mwanza Regional Police Commander (RPC) said confirming the attack that a group of fifteen masked people stormed the mosque using machetes, improvised explosives and axes.

Until now three people have been detained.

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