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3 Surviving Children Of Horrific Bus Crash Reaches Iowa For Treatment

The three school students who had survived a recent horrific bus accident are now being treated in Sioux City, Iowa, at Mercy Medical Center.

The school bus was on a mission trip and crashed into a ravine in Tanzania. 32 children, two teachers and the bus driver were killed. Eyewitnesses said it was a horrific scene.

There were several roadblocks to bring the three children, aged 12 or 13 years, to Iowa said Dr. Steven Meyer of Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries (STEMM). The cooperation o US government officials and air transport by Samaritan’s Purse helped them along with the Tanzanian government.

They will be treated without any fee on the east coast of Africa, some 8,400 miles from Tanzania.

Three mothers, one doctor and one nurse accompanied the students to Iowa.

Members of STEMM were on the scene of bus crash and helped triage the victims.

Even though co-founders of STEMM were not present on the scene, but they decided to take the surviving children to another country for treatment as such care is not available in Tanzania. The boy Wilson speaks good English and this helped the STEMM members.

The conditions of three children are not life-threatening, but the fractures are complex and how they recover could be life-changing.

The three children are two girls and a boy. Only their first names have been revealed.

STEMM Co-founder Gerdts said, “The (injuries) are not life-threatening… but the fractures are complex enough to need help they wouldn’t get there. How they recover could be life-changing.”

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