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4 Important Office Apps For Android, iPhone, iPad

Store important files with Dropbox

Dropbox is kind of the tech equivalent to the dreaded filing cabinet. It’s is the go-to app for cloud storage because it syncs with a number of different operating systems and devices. It has the feature of public sharing links too so that you can make any file easily accessible to anyone, including non-Dropbox members.

Keep track of every idea with Evernote

Yes, we realize how obvious this one might be, but it’s too good to gloss over. Evernote app lets you clip pretty much anything you find on the Web, including links, pages and articles. It works around the clock to sync your saved notes across all your different devices. You’ll be able to create separate notebooks for easy organization and navigation.

Annotate anything with Skitch

This was earlier owned by Evernote crew, but 2011 Evernote acquired Skitch. Honestly, it’s probably not going to make you any more proficient or whip you into some kind of office guru, but it’s a ton of fun. Skitch, at its core, is just a super simple way to annotate almost anything: saved pages from Evernote, maps, photos, documents and the list goes on. You get a small palette of colors to choose from and you can create arrows, text or sketches anywhere on the chosen file.

Compose letters and memos with Pages

Apple’s Pages app is absolutely essential for any iPad-toting admin pro. This portable word processor does more than just create text; it allows you to arrange the items on your page in a number of ways until it’s formatted to your taste – kind of like a rudimentary version of InDesign. You can choose from 16 different templates, or customize the document with various colors, fonts and textures. The Pages app also allows you to view and edit documents that were originally created in Microsoft Word.