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800 Passengers Cheated Death When Tanzania Train Derailed

More than 800 passengers luckily escaped death on Friday night when part of a passenger train derailed in Mazimbu Bridge, Morogor. The country is currently hovered by a dark cloud and floods, road accidents and landslides are common during this time of the year.

Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL) officials didn’t reveal cause of the derailment but said investigations are in progress. Also, the technicians are working around the clock on the spot and the priority is to resolved the traveler’s issue.

TRL Public Relations Manager Midladjy Maez confirmed the accident that occurred at 11:25 p.m. on Friday in Mazimbu, Morogoro.

He added three wagons derailed and four glided of the train that had 802 passengers.

According to eyewitness the bridge was submerged in water after heavy rain that hit in several parts of the country.

Passengers added water clogging was the main cause of accident as it may have damaged some parts of the railway line.

Following the accident the passengers had to stay at Mazimbu for eight hours waiting for an alternative solution.

All the passengers were shifted to another train coming from upcountry and ware headed to Dar es Salaam.

Local resident Charles Iyongo said a loud bang was heard that was cause by abrupt brakes of the train.

Iyongo added, “At first I thought that a cargo train had experienced a mechanical fault, but immediately after I went out to observe the situation, I saw a derailed passenger train.”

It is usual the rains flood railway lines in the country every year during the rainy season.

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