85% Of Cancer Victims Are Smokers: Data

One of the leading causes of premature death is cancer; and believe it or not cigarette smoking is one of the leading cancer causing agents in this generation. Most people assume that smoking only causes lung cancer. Contrary to this belief it causes many other forms of cancer and on top of that there are several other diseases that come about due to smoking.

As stated earlier, smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer. It is said the only 15 percent of lung cancer victims are non smokers; this means that the remaining 85 percent had the option to save themselves but they instead chose not to. Other forms of cancer caused by cigarette smoking are cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, cervix and pancreas among others. First of all you need to know that cancer comes about as a result uncontrolled cell growth in the tissues and the hydrogen peroxide found in cigarettes causes such growth.

Other causes of smoking include high risk of getting coronary thrombosis heart disease. It also leads to high blood pressure, poor exercising habits and increases the inclination for blood to clot. The harmful effects of smoking are countless and not only does it cause bad health but it may as well result in death. Study has shown that chain smokers do not live a full life in that most of them die in their middle ages; their death being attributed to the poor health cigarette smoking leads to. If you have already changed your mind about smoking; there is good news for you.