Actress, Model Wema Sepetu Found Defaulter To TANESCO

Tanzania’s renowned model and actress Wema Sepetu is reported to have been a defaulter to Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) and she owes the firm TSZ 8,200,496.20.

The power company is said to have conducted an impromptu power unit check on homesteads and identified several nonpayers to the electricity consumed, says Tanzania’s Bongo 5.

On the official website of Bongo 5 it is revealed the celebrity of East African region has been using the electricity without paying to the power company.

The website writes in local language, “Hivi karibuni (TANESCO) walifanya ziara ya kushtukiza kwenye nyumba yake na kubaini kuwa muigizaji huyo anatumia umeme wao bure.”

TANESCO managing director Felichesmi Mramba said the power company aims of recovering the total outstanding amount from defaulters along with the fines charged for not paying at all or not paying on time.

A statement from the power company reads, “(Defaulters) will be arrested, publicly shamed and presented before authorities. We will do that without observing one’s popularity, or position in the society.”

TANESCO further added they will continue the exercise of identifying defaulters and it will be proceed with arrests, shaming and also presenting before authorities.

The power company said further they have reclaimed a total amount of TZS 100,248,386.42 due to evasion of power payment by customers.

Tougher measures will be taken to curb such scrupulous practices, writes the press statement.

The other consumers who have been identified include Jangwani Secondary, Mbezi Beach’s Havan Hotel, and LEADCOM.

The newly elected president has also vowed to take tougher actions against corruption in the country.

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