African govts urged to embrace people’s interests

African governments, especially those led by parties of former liberation movements, should respect their people’s interests for effective development.

CCM Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana (in cap pointing) shows top officials from Southern African liberation movements the place where a youth leadership academy will be built by the Tanzanian ruling party when they toured the construction site in Iringa Region

The Zimbabwean Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr Didymas Mutasa, made the remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday during the sixth meeting of former Southern Africa liberation movements.

“The secret behind President Robert Mugabe’s victory (ZANU-PF) is that his government has been always very attentive to the people of Zimbabwe, making use of their resources in yielding the people’s economic well-being,” he said, adding that in such a way it was difficult for the opponents to reverse the victory.

He said leaders of liberation parties were the only people who could stand and say how Africa was doing since they were the ones which struggled and fought for the region’s sovereignty.

He strongly criticised opposition parties in Africa, saying they had no future because they had no roots in the struggle for their countries’ independence. “Africa cannot and will never be ruled by people (opposition parties) who do not even know where they were when liberation parties were waging the struggle,” he noted.

When opening the meeting, the CCM Secretary General, Mr Abdulrahman Kinana, said the meeting aimed at discussing the future of liberation parties from South Africa (ANC), Mozambique (FRELIMO), Angola (MPLA), Namibia (SWAPO), Zimbabwe and the host, CCM.

“The objectives of the meeting are to discuss how to help each other in political agendas and strengthen unity amongst the parties (liberation parties),” he said. The meeting will also discuss the development of their countries’ political stability and exchange views and ideas on how to develop the African region.

By ANNE ROBI, Tanzania Daily News

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