Air Pollution

Air Pollution Linked To Premature Deaths: Study

In one of the earlier studies it was revealed air pollution leads to early dying. Toxic chemical particles found within the air are reason for the demise. It could send an individual to an early grave.

The study was led by Professor George Thurston and he said they have found growing body of evidence of harmful matter in the air and this has raised the risk of deaths from coronary heart illness and respiratory illness as well.

The author is the professor of population health and environmental medicine at the NYU Langone in NYC. He collected the data for his analysis from government and independent sources.

Details of the study were published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal.

Even though the links between air pollution and premature deaths have been found, but the professor failed to study the cause and effects of the two. He couldn’t find why exactly premature death takes place when we inhale polluted air.

The fine particles found in the air are often formed from toxic chemicals like mercury and arsenic. Those are too small, in microscopic sizes, and hence cannot be seen with naked eyes, but are highly poisoning.

These can be easily absorbed into out lungs and bloodstream, and hence increases the risk of lung and heart diseases as those carry nitrogen oxide, sulfur and some more gaseous pollutants.

Researchers say these particles cannot be sneezed out or coughed up. They warned even small increases of such pollution could raise the dying risk by 3 percent.