Angola Seeks More Private Investment; Plans Offering Fiscal Incentives

Angola may soon come up with more fiscal incentives like reduction in taxes to lure investors, particularly in those regions which are most needy.

Briefing to a press conference on Saturday in the capital city Luanda the ruling MPLA party’s presidential candidate Joao Lourenco said the regional asymmetries which are available now may not be eliminated through decrees.

Joao added there’s more need for incentives in the country and mainly the fiscal ones if the country wants to attract private investment to the needy regions.

Tax incentives directly affects the fiscal revenues and amid such situation the presidential candidate states the country will gain in other ways like more jobs will be created for the younger population and the living standards of people will be improved.

He argues that unemployment emerges to be a serious problem when the country levy heavy taxes.

Joao added that creation of jobs in public as well as private sectors means a gain to any government.

He continued that the tax incentive policy will led to improvement in the business environment in the country and this will direct effect the micro, medium and large sized business houses.

The country will see increase in goods and services besides a solution to the shortage of jobs for the younger generation.

Joao also pledged that the civil servant services too will create more opportunities for job seekers.

He just ended his countrywide rally for his presentation to sympathizers, friends and militants as well.

Angola has scheduled the fourth general elections on August 23.

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