For Better Tanzania Investment Need To Be Made On Girls

International Day of the Girl Child (IDG) is highly important in Tanzania as girl child faces mountain of challenges compared to boy child.

The day is celebrated every year on October 11 and this year the theme was ‘Girl’s Progress + Goals’ to help identifying them and offer supports.

IDG marks as an opportunity for the girls across the world to be more aware about inequalities such as access to education, protection from discrimination, legal rights, violence and child marriage compared to their male counterpart.

Lately Tanzania has been working on the protection of girl child and has made some progress too, but still it is believed more work need to be done. The Child Act was passed by the Parliament in 2009 marking a significant step towards the rights of children.

For ages it has been seen children’s rights have been violated and hence the law has come into force to identify those rights including non-discrimination, harmful employment, protections from torture and right of giving their opinions.

If Tanzania wants to be a better country compared to what it is now, it is important to invest in girls’ education, safety as well as health to help them achieve and realize their dreams.

It is lately well said the best way to make a better world is to start investing in girls in all aspects of life.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing the laws is early child marriage as activists have been addressing the issue for years with only some progress here and there.

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