Bloodless Coup In Zimbabwe Hailed

The bloodless coup in Zimbabwe is now being hailed and one similar statement has come from the National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga, who said the overthrowing of President Robert Mugabe has been peaceful and a prosperous future has been promised.

In a press statement Raila also urged the countrymen to pursue path to a credible election.

He added that it is a historic moment for the people of Zimbabwe and also for all the Africans who look for a better life in democracy.

Raila was the Prime Minister of Kenya in 2008 and had earlier condemned the power grab of Mugabe.

He said, “I believe I was the only African leader to have condemned Mr Mugabe’s power grab through a rigged election and offered support for your democratic future.”

The four decades of Mugabe’s rule came to an end on Tuesday when he resigned. Moment before an impeachment process started against him the 93-year-old sent his resignation to the Parliament and it was read by the speaker.

People on the streets of Harare were seen rejoicing after his resignation was announced.

Mugabe ruled the country since Zimbabwean independence in 1980.

In year 2000 the economy of Zimbabwe collapsed and unemployment currently is about 90 percent. The country’s currency has triggered inflation lately and each month the import prices are rising as much as 50 percent.

Former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the ruling Zanu-PF party will become the next president.

Mnangagwa was sacked earlier this month by the president. Political crisis was triggered as many believed it is an attempt to clear the path for the first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed husband.