British Tourists Returning From Gambia Reveals Chaotic Situation

January 19 is the last date for Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to step down. The Foreign troops have already started gathering outside the borders while neighboring countries threatened to intervene with military.

Meanwhile, the first batch of about 3,500 UK tourists in the country has returned back home and reveals chaos and panic in Gambia.

Arriving at the Manchester Airport the British holidaymakers said it was a hurried operation to get them out of Gambia safely.

Sara Wilkins from Church Stretton, Shropshire, said she and her husband Michael made several phone calls to Thomas Cook and they were told everything was find and no reason to worry. In their last call in the morning they were asked to pack bags as they need to leave the country to the soonest.

Sara added it was a complete nightmare at the international airport in Gambian capital Banjul with people in panic and cries.

The Foreign Office (FCO) earlier had urged the Britons in Gambia to avoid non-essential travel in the country including traveling to the winter sun destination.

Tourists said they were warned not to leave the hotel rooms after dark and the evacuation was done in a hurried operation amid lack of communication.

Last week French president said Gambian election results of December 1 must be respected and the winning candidate Barrow must take office by January 19.

Jemmeh is in power for past 22 years and before changing his mind not to step down he had conceded defeat. In a televised speech on December 5 he said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) had violated electoral law and returning officers motivated legitimate voters on the day of election to vote against him.

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