Burundi President Invites Refugees In Tanzania To Return Home

On his visit to neighboring country Tanzania, the Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza urged his countrymen, living in camps as refugees, to return back home.

Currently over 240,000 Burundians live in Tanzania as refugees and mostly in the camps near shared border of the two countries, reveals U.N. refugee agency.

Burundi emerged as political unrest country in 2015 when Nkurunziza announced to run for third term even though the constitution allows just two terms. He won the election amid boycott of it by opposition parties and violence prompted thereafter. At least 420,000 people fled to several neighboring countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Tanzanian President John Magufuli said to the crowd in the Ngara district meeting his counterpart and speaking Kiswahili he has asked his interior minister not to grant citizenship to Burundians anymore as it encourages them settling in the country.

Magufuli urged the Burundians to return home as Burundi is now peaceful and they should take part in the building of the country.

The president added he is not kicking out the Burundi refugees from Tanzania, but suggesting them to return back home.

Meanwhile, the Tanzanian opposition leaders have downplayed the importance of the visit of Burundi president saying it is a non-event as Ngara town is accessible just crossing the border and it seems his fear of getting toppled is not over.

Former chairman of the opposition coalition CNARED and current chairman of the opposition party CNDD, Leonard Nyangoma, said when Burundi will become a peaceful country the refugees will return back voluntarily and in great number too.

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