Sanitary Pads To Be Sold Without VAT In Tanzania

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads will be sold without Value Added Tax (VAT) soon in Tanzania and a likely saving of 15 percent for women would be possible, which is about Sh7,000 per year. According to The Citizen calculation women in the country parts out with minimum Sh36,000 per year (inclusing VAT) on buying sanitary pads. The new move of John Magufuli government ...

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John Magufuli Government Reveals Plan For Repaying National Debt

national debt

The John Magufuli government has a good plan to pay the debt. Available data reveals Sh64 or more out of every Sh100 collected by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) this year, FY2018/19, will be spent in repaying. Data available in April shows Sh11.78 trillion was collected in the three quarters of the financial year, which means about Sh1.3 trillion collected ...

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Multinational Companies In Extraction Sector Should Open Local Bank Account: Tanzania

oil and gas

Those multinational companies which are operating in the extractive sector in Tanzania have been ordered to open local bank accounts for the purpose of giving power to authorities to scrutinize their finances. The John Magufuli government is lately trying to curb illicit financial flows in the gas and oil segments amid new mining laws in effect from February 2018. A ...

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Soya Demand on Rise; Farmers, Buyers, Government Meet Discusses How to Increase Production

soya farming

The crop market has expanded and it is a boom time for soya farmers to mobilize it and meet the increased demand locally and also internationally. According to Eastern Africa Grain Council Programme Manager Ikunda Terry the soya demands are on rise lately and the John Magufuli government should help in mobilizing farmers to increase its production. Data reveals the ...

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Construction of New Chemical Plant for Clean Water Inaugurated

chemical plant

Construction of a new chemical plant for clean water was inaugurated on Wednesday and once completed more than 1,000 jobs will be created. Said to be one of the largest chemical plants for clean water in Africa, the total cost in the construction would be Sh250 billion. It will go under the name Msufini Company and is a joint venture ...

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Tanzanian Manufacturers Eyeing Kenyan Market

Tanzanian Manufacturers

Kenya’s market for industrial goods is growing at rapid speed and this is well known among the Tanzanian manufacturers. Eyes are now turned towards it as Kenyan got the income to purchase the items. Addressing to the media in Kenyan capital Nairobi the Tanzanian High Commissioner to Kenya, Pindi Chana, said the country has one of the fastest growing middle ...

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Transcendent Tanzanite: Only Found in Tanzania

Transcendent Tanzanite

Named for the east African country Tanzania, the only place in the world where it has been found, tanzanite is celebrated for its unique colour. Its deep blue hue with purple undertones is unmatched in the gemstone industry. The Discovery of Tanzanite Although a newcomer to the jewelry market, tanzanite’s unusual discovery and subsequent marketing campaign have given it a ...

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