Trade show booth staff basics – training is key to good results

Trade show booth staff

One of the recent surveys showed that trade show staff training is hit or miss, at best. Some companies conduct no training, and some only train before major shows. A large part of your booth is made up of the people inside, so if they don’t show your best face to your customers, editors, and reviewers, you are wasting your ...

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Being Flexible in an Ever-Changing Industry

If there’s one thing humans really hate, it’s uncertainty. We can do everything possible to predict the unknown but for most things, it is what it is. One of the biggest drivers of uncertainty is unpresented change. Change can be both good and bad. Sometimes we know it’s coming and other times it’s a surprise, like uncertainty. Every industry has ...

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Mara Corporation to introduce ‘made in Africa, for Africa’ smartphones in South Africa

mara corporation - south africa

Rwanda-based Mara Corporation is seeking to invest multimillions in South Africa with its hi-tech smartphones to fulfill expanding demand of the country and enhance communication. Founder Ashish J. Thakkar said more than 400 million smartphones are currently being used in Africa and the figure would soon to reach a billion resulting with good business investment opportunities for tech companies. He ...

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How South Africa succeeded in raising funds for infrastructure projects

south africa infrastructure

By 2050 the African cities will get a billion new residents and the continent lacks powers, resources, powers and skills to meet such hiked demand for services and housing as well. However, the rapid urbanization can be seen as is an opportunity for the countries. Providing services in urban areas are cheaper and it paves way for economic development as ...

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U.S. paving path with Build Act to rival Chinese investment in Africa

u.s. investment africa

United States President Donald Trump is paving the paths to rival China’s enhanced economy and political influence in Africa. His administration is to approve an initiative to overhaul investment strategy and the main beneficiary would be Kenya. According to a State Department official the plan designed for the Sub-Saharan region is strategic and to offer better alternative to the African ...

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Hilton to open more hotels in Africa

hilton hotel africa

With the rise in middle class in some of the world’s fastest growing economies in Africa the Hilton Worldwide Holdings has lately planned increase its existence by adding more hotels, about double the strength, in the continent in next five years time. According to the company’s president and chief executive officer, Chris Nassetta, the target would be achieved mainly by ...

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South Sudan’s peace deal fake; To benefit oil companies, government, elites

south sudan

Post-independence civil war in South Sudan has seen about 400,000 deaths and now the country is trying to come out of it and see the black gold pumping but it is a big question who will mostly gain from expanded oil production. Until now billions of dollars have been lost in oil revenue in the war-torn country and following power-sharing ...

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