Admission process of Bandari College goes digital

bandari college admission

Admission process of Bandari College has become digital and henceforth new students would get admitted under the latest technology system that is called by them as ‘Student’s Information Management System (SIMS).’ Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Isack Kamwelwe launched the new admission system lately to enable admission of students digitally. Developed by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) staff members of ...

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How to become a children’s dentist

Children's Dentist

Children’s dentists work with young people from infants to age 18. Children’s dentists can also accept patients with special needs. Children need proper oral health care to enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile that will follow them into adulthood. A children’s dentist can help prevent tooth decay, and educate children and caregivers about the importance of good oral care. Pediatric Dentistry ...

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Tips to become organized college student

organized college student

For many college students, it’s difficult to organize and manage a full load of courses, a campus job, and a social life. And, unfortunately, organizing school material is an important factor in earning good grades, and organizing job and social commitments is an important factor when trying to make friends in college. Therefore, it’s important for college students to become ...

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Ethics and values based education is required in Africa

Ethics and values based education

Teaching Religion in the Public High School Teaching religion in high school may address the on-going philosophic queries relative to ethics, values, and morality. With every new report of rampant cheating and gang violence in the schools, critics call for introducing some aspect of ethics education in the nation’s schools. Every religious tradition advocates ethical behavior. A comprehensive study of ...

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Corporal Punishment In Schools Debated Across Tanzania Following Death Of Student

Corporal Punishment

Debate is on rise in Tanzania about corporal punishment in schools. It is sparked from recent death of a 13-year-old student who was accused of stealing. Family members accuse he was beaten to death by school teacher. Sperius Eradius was a primary school pupil in the northern Kagera province. He died on August 27, couple of days after being beaten. ...

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Leadership School Launched, Six African Countries To Benefit

Leadership School

Foundation stone for leadership school was launched Monday by party leaders from six African countries at the Julius Nyerere Leadership School in Kibaha, about 40 kilometers from Dar es Salaam. The school is co-founded by Revolutionary Party of Tanzania, the Mozambique Liberation Front Party, the African National Congress of South Africa, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, the SWAPO Party ...

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Foundation of Kanem Empire in Western Sudan

Foundation of Kanem Empire

The Kanem Empire was one of Africa’s most powerful empires in the Western Sudan. It was so powerful that it survived its first fall and later rose to become the even more powerful Bornu Empire. The Kanem Empire was founded by the Kanuri people around A.D. 700. The Kanuri peoples originated from the racial fusion between the semi-nomadic Zaghawa tribe ...

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