Ilboru High School Student Gracious Ephraim Builds Solar-Powered Robot

solar-powered robot

A solar-powered robot has been built by a high school student in the country and it is claimed the robotic device can turn its head, can walk, can speak and also is capable of performing other functions. Form six student of Ilboru High School in Arusha city, Gracious Ephraim, has built the solar robot with aluminium box, metal pieces, wires, ...

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Government Boards Reconstitution Of 21 Federal Colleges Approved In Nigeria

muhammadu buhari

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has taken a serious move in the education segment by approving reconstitution of governing boards of twenty-one federal colleges in the country. A press statement released by Adamu Adamu from education ministry reveals the governance responsibility as well as the overall policy formulation in the colleges will be of the boards. Below are the list of ...

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Newest Version Of Google Earth Offers 360 Degree View, HD Imagery

Google has just rolled out a new version of its Google Earth and the primary feature to look at is its sweeping 360 degree views. Now internet users can explore the entire planet in 3D, even the intricacies of hidden cities from the comfort of their living room. New immersive content has also been introduced in the newest version of ...

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Fossils Found In Tanzania Reveals Early Dinosaur Walked Like Crocodile

In a new study it is being said one of the earliest relatives of dinosaurs carried features similar to alligators and crocodiles. Details of the finding are published in the Nature journal. It writes the ARchosaur fossils found in Tanzania reveal carnivorous animal lived about 245 million years ago on our planet during the Triassic Period and weighed same as ...

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Ugandan Police Arrests Academic For Criticizing President’s Wife

Stella Nyanzi, a prominent academic in Uganda, is now under police custody for not any criminal charges but for just criticizing the president’s wife. President Yoweri Museveni’s wife Janet Musaveni is education minister of Uganda and lately the government has reneged a campaign pledge to supply sanitary pads free to school girls who are unable to afford hygiene products. Saying ...

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World Bank Announces Huge Financial Package For Africa

world bank

About $57 billion in financing has been announced by the World Bank for sub-Saharan Africa for the period of next three fiscal years. It is learned out of the total assured the International Development Association will be supporting with $45 billion. It will support 448 projects too which are underway in the region. The association is World Bank fund and ...

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Cameroon’s Green Girls Project Finds Technology To Turn Poo Into Renewal Energy

cameroon's green girls project

School students in Cameroon’s largest city Douala have learned how to convert wastes including pit latrines and septic tank into renewable source of energy. The non-governmental organization named The Green Girls Project trains the young girls in technology and to help students in those areas of the country where electricity has not reached. CEO and founder of the project, Monique ...

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