John Magufuli Expels UNDP Head Awa Debo For Bad Relation With Colleagues

UNDP Head Awa Debo

Head of the United Nations Development Programme in Tanzania has been expelled by the government citing her poor relations with colleagues resulting with less efficiency in providing adequate services. A press statement released by the Foreign Ministry revealed Ms. Awa Dabo’s bad relations with colleagues have hampered the activities of UNDP in Tanzania. The ministry further added to be asking ...

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Early Human Footprints To Be Displayed In Museum From August

Tanzania will soon be displaying early human footprints in a museum for public consumption, said Fidelis Masao, an archaeologist at Tanzania’s University of Dar es Salaam. Masao added they are presently in talk with Italian Embassy in the country on how to display in the best possible way for public viewing that may start in August this year. The discovery ...

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Bank Of Tanzania Reduces Discount Rate By 4%

Bank of Tanzania (BoT) has lately cut down on discount rate by 4 percent and this is expected to improve the credit sector in the private sector. The current discount rate is 12 percent and it is believed the lending rates too will be reduced by commercial banks. This will further improve in money supply to the national economy. Since ...

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BREAKING: Train Crash In Pretoria; Tons Injured, 20 Serious

south africa, pretoria, train crash

BREAKING: Train Crash In Pretoria; Tons Injured, 20 Serious Two trains coming on the same track Monday collided at the Lynn Ross station in Pretoria, South Africa, leaving 100 people injured including 20 in serious condition. Tshwane emergency service said around 100 to 150 people have been injured in the collision in north of Pretoria and they are still dealing ...

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90% Tanzanian To Get Electricity Access By 2035: Government

Over the next time period of about two decades Tanzania will be in need of $46.2 billion investment to revamp the country’s energy infrastructure to comply with the growing demand for electricity. For long investors to Tanzania have complained about lack of reliable power to go ahead with businesses. The energy ministry released a master plan on Monday and said ...

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Congolese Opposition Leader Etienne Tshisekedi Dies At 84: UDPS Spokesman

Congolese opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi died Wednesday battling long with ill health, as rumored, at a crucial time for the country as he was involved in a deal to get President Joseph Kabila step down by 2017-end. He was 84. A press statement of his death confirmation in Belgium was released by party spokesman Augustin Kabuya without detailing cause. Radio ...

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Adama Barrow Takes Oath As Gambian President In Senegal

Following the deadline expiry of incumbent Yahya Jammeh tenure on January 19 Google is showing Adama Barrow is the new President of Gambia. Barrow has also been sworn in, but not in Gambian capital Banjul. The ceremony was held at Gambia embassy in Senegal capital Dakar on Thursday. Following the oath taking Barrow said Gambian will never forget the day. ...

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