Managing Diabetes by Caring for the Heart


People with diabetes have one or more cholesterol problems, increasing their risk of heart disease. Yet, many are unaware of their risk. An American Diabetes Association (ADA) survey found that more than two-thirds (68%) of people with diabetes do not consider heart disease to be a serious complication of diabetes. The reality is that heart attacks affect people with diabetes ...

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Which food is rich in whole grains; which not

whole grain

Foods rich in whole grains Marketers do whatever they can to fool consumers into thinking their products are full of whole grains. When looking for a product that is made from whole grains it is important to look for the 100% whole grain label. Other labels mean that the product has whole grains in it but it is only a ...

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Google Station fast, free Internet launched in Nigeria

Google Station

Nigeria takes one more step towards development with the launch of Google Station super-fast Internet, which is claimed to be 16 times faster than the average 1.86 megabits per second of the country. This is something like people riding cycle gets a bullet train. With the launching Nigeria becomes the fifth country in the world to get Google Station and ...

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Health Concerns for Kids Overlanding Africa

Health Concerns for Kids

Several months prior to departure make it a priority to visit a specialized travel clinic or service that can provide a personalized vaccination schedule. It is important to check which vaccinations are required for each different African country. Do not take chances with malaria. Malaria in Africa in some areas is seasonal with mosquitoes active after the rains, in other ...

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Eboloa outbreak risk at very high level in DRC: WHO

Eboloa outbreak

The risk of current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is very high and World Health Organization (WHO) has called an Emergency Committee meeting and is scheduled for Wednesday at its Geneva headquarters. Until now around 130 people have lost their lives. WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the meeting will decide whether the outbreak ...

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Proven tips how to treat Insomnia during Pregnancy

Insomnia Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when huge hormonal, physiological and emotional adjustments are happening. Mothers share that their sleep is often interrupted throughout pregnancy, which only adds to the fatigue they feel during the first and third trimesters. Having a lack of sleep during your pregnancy can make everything seem worse at the start of your day. Are you noticing that ...

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Burkina Faso To Release Engineered Mosquitoes Into Wild To Fight Malaria

burkina faso malaria

Burkina Faso will be releasing into the wild genetically engineered mosquitoes to eradicate malaria-transmitting species. It is a long-term plan and first in Africa. If the experiment succeeds Uganda and Mali too hope to release the same into the wild. The gene drive mosquitoes will carry mutations and help in reducing the population of mosquitoes. It is too early to ...

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