How to protect body from damaging CT Scans and X-Rays

CT Scans and X-Rays

Epidemiology studies by the National Cancer Institute suggest that as many as 29,000 new cancers may be due to excessive use of diagnostic radiation in the form of X-rays and CT scans. Where the main culprit is the CT scanner, excessive common X-rays may produce the same results. In emergency situations, diagnostic radiation tools are used for important life saving ...

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Use herbs to quit smoking

quit smoking

Smokers may have tried many ways of quitting smoking. Some would have had success in doing so, while others may still be struggling to kick the habit. Consuming herbs are one of the best ways to quit smoking and there are some reasons for this. Unlike patches and gums which claim to help people quit smoking, herbs do not contain ...

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Unknown health benefits of chicken soup

chicken soup

To help the body heal upper respiratory infections along a more natural path, our mothers and grandmothers have always made us feel better with chicken soup. Naturopathic doctors as well tout the benefits of natural supplements containing andrographis, bovine colostrum, vitamin C, echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf, and mushroom extracts. Even the probiotics in yogurt are being praised as effective kids’ ...

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Tanzania has less pharmacists in rural areas: Pharmacy Council

Tanzania pharmacists

Health sector in rural Tanzania is challenging as there are not enough pharmacists, said Registrar of the Pharmacy Council of the country Elizabeth Shekalaghe while speaking to media people at a one-day seminar in Dar es Salaam. She added people in the rural areas tend taking drugs without any kind of medical prescription as about 90 percent of pharamacists are ...

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Clean, save water access in Tanzania is increasing

clean, safe water

On the occasion of World Water Day Prof. Mbawara said in Dodoma number of people accessing clean and safe water services in Tanzania has been increasing. The minister added water demand has lately increased in sectors like agriculture and extractive after rapid economic growth in the country. World Water Day is internationally celebrated on March 22 every year and this ...

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The Homeopathic first-aid kit

Homeopathic first-aid kit

Homeopathic remedies cost only a small amount of what drugs cost; they are non-toxic, are effective against bacteria, viruses and parasites and are surprisingly easy to use. Successful homeopathic treatment is best provided by a skilled homeopath but there are a selection of remedies that work for a variety of common aliments which are suitable for everyday problems such as ...

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Nigeria fourth worst hit by HIV after SA, India, Mozambique

nigeria hiv

Nigeria is one of the worst hit by HIV epidemic. New report reveals the country is fourth among countries most suffering from it. epidemic. New report reveals the country is fourth among countries most suffering from it. Earlier Nigeria was in the second position with 3.2 million people living with HIV. The top ranked was South Africa with 7.1 million ...

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