85% Of Cancer Victims Are Smokers: Data

One of the leading causes of premature death is cancer; and believe it or not cigarette smoking is one of the leading cancer causing agents in this generation. Most people assume that smoking only causes lung cancer. Contrary to this belief it causes many other forms of cancer and on top of that there are several other diseases that come ...

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Referring Man Auction In Libya The UN Says Slavery Has No Place


United Nations secretary general has voiced over the auctioning of African migrants in Libya as slaves saying he is horrified after getting the report. Briefing to the reporters at the UN headquarters Antonio Guterres said slavery has no place in the world and the practice is among the most egregious abuses of human rights. Guterres added that he has asked ...

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Infants’ Catch Whooping Cough More From Siblings, Less From Mom: Study

Whooping Cough

In a new study it is found infants are less to catch whooping cough from moms than from siblings. Researchers have also found a way how to protect this. Prior to the finding it was always assumed moms were the common source of infection for infants. Infants face greatest risk from whooping cough and sometimes it lead to death too, ...

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Study Finds Affordable Way To Treat Heart Disease

heart disease

In one of the new studies recently it was found aggressive treatment of blood pressure may help in reducing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease and other related systolic BP targets. The study was titled Sprint and was wrapped up early, much ahead of the scheduled conclude time this year, as puzzled cardiologist questions was answered conclusively which have ...

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Learn Some Important Face Mask Tips

face mask

A face mask, better known as a facial, is applied to the face for cleansing of facial skin. It is made up of mostly natural ingredients including plants like cactus and cucumber. Vitamins and fruit extracts are also added in some to provide a very effective skin cleansing. Advantage of Face Mask A facial mask is applied to improve the ...

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Niger State Teenage Student Impregnated With School VP Gives Birth

niger state teenage student

Faith Galadima, a 16-year-old student of Governent Secondary School, Tunga, Niger State, gives birth a baby boy. Her school’s vice principal Mohammed Mohammed was alleged earlier to had impregnated the teenager. He is now on bail following three months of custody. Talkking to the media the school girl said the baby was born on October 28 at Injita village, Munya ...

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Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims Were In Acute Crisis: UNHCR Head

Myanmar's Rohinya Muslims

More than 800,000 Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar were in most acute situation, said United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi comparing about 66 million displaced people in the world due to such similar situation ignited by violence. Talking to the reporters outside the UN Security Council he said, “We spoke about some of the most complex crisis in ...

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