Pili Hussein Posed Man For Decade, Revealed Identity When Accused Of Rape

Pili Hussein

A Tanzanian woman named Pili Hussein posed as man for decade to work in mines as miners where women are not allowed. Pili had hid her identity for several years and even co-workers couldn’t understand the reality until she had to reveal her true sex following allegation by a female she has raped her. The woman had grown up in ...

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Malawi, Kenya, Ghana Selected For Malaria Vaccine Test: WHO

malaria vaccine test

Malawi, Kenya and Ghana have been selected by World Health Organization (WHO) to test the world’s first malaria vaccine. The injectable vaccine project will begin in 2018 in the three African countries where children in hundreds and thousands have been at risk of death due to malaria. According to WHO regional director for Africa the vaccine will be able to ...

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Bag Bearing Money Snatched From Tanzanian Family Visiting India For Son’s Treatment

A Tanzanian family visiting Indian capital New Delhi for a medical purpose is struggling to survive as their bag was snatched on April 8, Saturday, which had good money for treatment in local currency. The family of four is in India for the treatment of one-year-old son of Arif, a Tanzanian national of Indian origin, at B.M. Kapoor Hospital. They ...

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Life Is Opposite In US And Congo: Refugee Mwibeleca Amuri

congolese refugee

Mwibeleca Amuri, a refugee from Congo, fled from his country due to war and political turmoil in 1997 to Tanzania where he met and married his wife. Both together has five children and the oldest is now 18-year-old. Last year in September he resettled in San Diego and recalls his struggles to welcome peace in his life. He is 39 ...

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GMRF Welcomes 4 Tanzanian Albinos In US To Help With Medical Treatment

Founder of New York-based Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF), Elissa Montanti, welcomed back four Tanzanian albino children on Saturday at the John F. Kennedy International Airport to help them with medical treatment. Some two years ago they had undergone prosthetics after being attacked in the country for witchcraft benefits. Children with albinism live in fear and danger in Tanzania. One ...

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World Bank Announces Huge Financial Package For Africa

world bank

About $57 billion in financing has been announced by the World Bank for sub-Saharan Africa for the period of next three fiscal years. It is learned out of the total assured the International Development Association will be supporting with $45 billion. It will support 448 projects too which are underway in the region. The association is World Bank fund and ...

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Kenya Deploys Military To Drought Effected Counties

kenya drought

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has lately deployed military to several parts of Baringo and Lalkipia in the Rift Valley to maintain peace amid deadly violence that has been fueled due to drought. The president ordered Friday Kenya Defense Forces to work together with police to calm down the situation. He said, “The deployment will further assist in disarmament and surrender ...

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