Shadrack Sagati’s Last Farewell Is Scheduled At Mnazi Mmoja Grounds.

The media fraternity in Tanzania has immersed into mourning due to the sudden death of a senior journalist, Shadrack Sagati, a former scribe with Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited’s HabariLeo newspaper. A statement issued by the Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investment, where Sagati was working as a Senior Communications Officer at the time of his death, revealed that he died ...

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Online Content Creators Turning To Offline Due To High License Fees

Online Content Creators

Bloggers in Tanzania have lost an appeal and it is mandatory for them to pay a fee for blogging and even to apply for a license to do so. This is now pushing most of the content creators, probably the poorer ones, to go offline with their creativity. Tanzania‘s Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations, 2018 requires online content ...

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Court Temporarily Suspends Government’s Order To Levy Fee On Bloggers

Bloggers, media organizations and six human rights won a temporary court injunction Friday against order of communications regulator to register their online platforms. Judge Fauz Twaib until another pending hearing the government’s deadline to heed tough new internet content rules cannot be enforced. As per the new rules of state communications regulator (TCRA) bloggers could be fined more than 5 ...

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Globalization and Land Grab in Africa

land grab in africa

For many Africans who hoped that independence land reform would put an end to the scramble over their ancestral lands, the forces of globalization are proving them very wrong. Increasing food prices, growing world populations, shortage of arable land in other parts of the world and the drift towards bio-fuels have all combined to create a new demand for African ...

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Popobawa, an African Paranormal Mystery


Popobawa was first sighted on the island of Pemba, then these spread to other islands including Unguja and Dar es Salaam in the Zanzibar archipelago and coastal Tanzania. More attacks were reported in the 1980s, 1995, 2000 and July 2001, appearing to coincide with political turmoil, although recent attacks happened without it. The name’s derived from the Swahili words for ...

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Journalists Voice Ban On Newspapers Unfair, Unlawful

john magufuli

Activists and journalists in Tanzania are now concerned over press freedom following the fourth newspaper ban since June this year. They have urged President John Magufuli lately to overturn the decision and allow Tanzania Daima newspaper to start publication. Authorities accuse the opposition-leaning newspaper has been spreading false information continuously. Tanzania Daima paper has a daily circulation of 30,000 and ...

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Tanzania Bans Raia Mwema Tabloid For 90 Days

Raia Mwema Tabloid

Tanzania has once again banned a newspaper. This time it is Raia Mwema, an weekly tabloid. The publisher has been barred from publishing it for 90 days. It is learned the article titled ‘Uraisi Utamshinda John Magufuli’ had an issue and was the reason to face the ban. The title in English mean ‘John Magufuli’s presidency doomed to fail.’ According ...

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