Magufuli blocks IMF’s economy report


The John Magufuli government declined to authorize publication of IMF’s report of Tanzania’s economy as it may have significant implications for foreign investment as well as aid flows. International Monetary Fund is authorized under Article IV of its Articles of Agreement to inspect economic, financial and exchange-rate policies of member countries for the purpose of smooth-running international monetary system. The ...

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Burundian refugees in Tanzania to return home

Burundian refugees

There are just two options left for Burundian refugees in Tanzania. Either they can return home and face social as well as economic hardship that includes possible rights violations or remain the the camps which are under-resourced and where opportunities are restricted. . Either they can return home and face social as well as economic hardship that includes possible rights ...

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Tanzania arrests dozens of witchdoctors over children murder


In a latest crackdown on witchdoctors Tanzanian police has arrested 65 such traditional healers in connection to the killing of about a dozen children for ritual purpose earlier this year in January. Many in Tanzania and some neighboring countries believe use of human body parts in rituals can make them rich and they could embrace good luck. If the body ...

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Jail of Ivory Queen is milestone for Tanzania

Prisoning of Chinese national Ivory Queen along with two of her kingpins seems to be a turning point in Tanzania for all the efforts of the government in combating poaching and protecting endangered elephants. The sentencing of Yang Feng Glan for 15 years jail term was welcomed by global community as it is a severe blow to the tusk trafficking ...

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Chinese national Queen of Ivory gets 15 years jail in Tanzania

queen of ivory

Well-known as Queen of Ivory, the Chinese national Yang Fenglan has been sentenced 15 years in prison by a Tanzanian court after being convicted for smuggling tusks of more than 350 African elephants over the years. The 69-year-old was arrested in 2015 along with Manase Philemon and Salivius Matembo. She was charged with trafficking more than 850 ivory pieces worth ...

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Tanzania reverted to single-party state

Tanzania single-party state

Tanzania is once again looking like a one-party state following granting of ruling government sweeping powers over rival political parties by parliament in January. The opposition leaders however criticized the amendments but analysts said the move is not surprising as President John Magufuli has restricted opposition rallies, banned certain newspapers and intervened strongly into major industries including agriculture and mining. ...

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Ministries to completely shift to Dodoma by June


Shifting of ministries from Dar es Salaam to capital city Dodoma is in rapid process and it is expected the move to Ihumwa area is to be done by June this year. According to government spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi about 700 staff, 86 percent of the total, have been already shifted to Dodoma. Ihumwa is government’s township and Abbasi added ...

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