Talks With Egypt Fruitful; Mega-Meat Processing Plant To Be Constructed: Magufuli

meat processing

Egypt will be investing in Tanzania and the primary project will be constructing a meat processing unit apart from education, health, defense, security and agriculture. Addressing to the press in Dar es Salaam jointly with Egyptian President El-Sisi, the Tanzanian President John Magufuli said the new mega-meat processing plant will bring big relief to the livestock keepers in the country ...

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Tanzania Signs New Mining Law

mining law

Tanzania has come up with new mining law featuring the government to own 16 or more percent stake in the mining projects. President John Magufuli said amid protests from opposition the bills were passed by the parliament last week and he has signed it to make it a law that has increased royalties tax on gold and other minerals. He ...

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Opposition MP Faces Arrest Over Allegations To Have Insulted President

tanzanian opposition mp

Member of Parliament from opposition party in Tanzania faces arrest after allegedly insulting President John Magufuli. Halima Mdee criticized viciously the president’s decision on teenage mums. She used abusive language against him. She also condemned the ban of teenage mothers from schooling even after giving birth to the baby calling it archaic and unconstitutional. In Tanzania using abusive language against ...

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Why Good Roads Important In Tanzania For Industrial Development

industrial development

The industrialisation drive has kicked off in the country amid immense effort of the John Magufuli government that is focusing on turning into a middle-income economy come by 2025. However, several requirements need to be implemented before the goal is achieve like skilled and semi-skilled manpower, reliable electricity and reliable transport. One of the recent findings reveal many roads in ...

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Tanzania Bans Unprocessed Food Crops Including Staple Food Maize

unprocessed food

After ban of gold and copper export Tanzanian has now stopped selling of unprocessed food crops outside the country. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa announced the ban on Monday amid celebration of Eid al-Fitr in Moshi Municipality. The measure has been taken to encourage investment in agro-processing industries and it will create employment too in Tanzania, said Majaliwa. PM added the ...

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Magufuli Criticized For Saying Pregnant Schoolgirls Should Not Go To School

pregnant schoolgirls

Women’s rights groups have been lately putting all the efforts to make President John Magufuli apologize and reverse his statement on expulsion of pregnant schoolgirls from educational institutions. Addressing to a rally on Monday in Chalinze town the president said as per 2002 law the pregnant schoolgirls could be asked to leave the school under offences against morality and wedlock ...

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Wild Elephants In Dozens Raided Five Villages In Northern Tanzania

wild elephant

Fear and danger is everywhere in the Monduli district as herd of wild elephants has invaded five villages on Sunday. The authorities have been informed and people are now waiting for alternative measures to be taken. The villages which are raided by about 43 elephants are Naiti, Mbuyuni, Kilimasie, Bwawani and Moita. Loserian Kimbele, Nalarami Ward Executive Officer, said fear ...

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