On World Refugee Day The Nyarugusu Refugees Complain About Poor Facilities

world refugee day

Those who are taking shelter in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania are celebrating World Refugee Day with drums, laughter and fun amid grave concerns and worries. United Nations have set aside the day as World Refugee Day to recognize plights of millions of people who were uprooted from their own countries. Nyarugusu refugee camp houses hundreds of thousands of ...

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Unregistered Bloggers Shutting Down Websites With Immediate Effect

tanzanian blogger

All the unregistered bloggers in Tanzania need to shut down their website with immediate effect and those who will fail to do so would be facing criminal prosecution. The order has been passed by John Magufuli government which had earlier levied annual fees on bloggers and other online media houses. Critics have accused the government for the move trying to ...

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John Magufuli Government Reveals Plan For Repaying National Debt

national debt

The John Magufuli government has a good plan to pay the debt. Available data reveals Sh64 or more out of every Sh100 collected by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) this year, FY2018/19, will be spent in repaying. Data available in April shows Sh11.78 trillion was collected in the three quarters of the financial year, which means about Sh1.3 trillion collected ...

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John Magufuli Government To Issue Mining License Only Through Cabinet Approval


Tanzania is furthr tightening the control of mining industry in the country. A senior official announced Friday large-scale licences will be issued only after approval of cabinet unlike issued through ministry. The John Magufuli government is seeking for a bigger return from mining. The country has vast mineral resources and is also fourth-largest gold producer in Africa. Addressing to the ...

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Julius Nyerere International Airport Installs Ebola Screening Facility

Julius Nyerere International Airport

The Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Tanzania has installed state-of-the-art Ebola screening facility amid outbreak of the disease in neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where more than twenty people have been killed so far. Deputy Minister of Health, Faustine Ndugulile, said the airport in commercial capital Dar es Salaam will take note that all the arriving passengers ...

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Study Calls Government to Launch eWaste Recycling Initiative on Serious Note


eWaste in Tanzania is gradually taking the shape of ticking bomb, literally, and it is high time for the authorities to think over recycling those on serious note and make proper use of all the available scrap. As of now the recycling activities are mainly focused on plastic and scrap metal and a recent study reveals the country has huge ...

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Soya Demand on Rise; Farmers, Buyers, Government Meet Discusses How to Increase Production

soya farming

The crop market has expanded and it is a boom time for soya farmers to mobilize it and meet the increased demand locally and also internationally. According to Eastern Africa Grain Council Programme Manager Ikunda Terry the soya demands are on rise lately and the John Magufuli government should help in mobilizing farmers to increase its production. Data reveals the ...

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