Land Grabbing For Tourism Benefit Could End Maasai Population: Think Tank

maasai people

Many Maasai people are now homeless in Tanzania. The John Magufuli government has torched their houses citing the tourism sector would benefit, if believed to a US-based policy think tank. In past one year or so the people in tens of thousands have been evicted from villages in northern Tanzania’s Loliondo area, which is close to the Ngorongoro Crater tourism ...

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Prelude to the Lancaster Constitution in Zimbabwe

Lancaster Constitution

The Lancaster Constitution and its “willing-seller, willing-buyer” clause was the starting point for Zimbabwe after independence. It turned out to be a source of friction. The Lancaster Constitution was the outcome of the Lancaster House Conference of September 1997. This conference was the first opportunity in which all parties involved in the Liberation Struggle came together for the purpose of ...

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Court Temporarily Suspends Government’s Order To Levy Fee On Bloggers

Bloggers, media organizations and six human rights won a temporary court injunction Friday against order of communications regulator to register their online platforms. Judge Fauz Twaib until another pending hearing the government’s deadline to heed tough new internet content rules cannot be enforced. As per the new rules of state communications regulator (TCRA) bloggers could be fined more than 5 ...

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Dodoma Given City Status By Magufuli

gaddafi moque, dodoma

President John Magufuli announced new status for the administrative capital Dodoma. Addressing to the masses at the Union Day celebrations on Friday he called it as a city. Dodoma is a newly-elevated city in Tanzania and Magufuli said, “By the power conferred on me by the Constitution of the country, I declare that Dodoma is now the city.” Friday marked ...

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Magufuli Targeting Freedom of Expression: Critics

margufuli targeting freedom of expression

Is it really true, as claimed by several critics, President John Magufuli is deliberately targeting freedom of expression. The new law regulating online-related content in Tanzania titled as the Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2017 requires bloggers, onine radio and television streaming service providers need to pay an annual fee of more than $900 apart from applying for ...

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Tanzania Charging Money From Bloggers

tanzania blogger

Blogging is not free in Tanzania now. You need to pay about $930 per anum to the government to be certified as blogger in the country. The new online regulations also encompass online radio and television streaming services. It is not to forget the gross national income per capital is just $900 in Tanzania. The John Magufuli government asks applicants ...

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Transcendent Tanzanite: Only Found in Tanzania

Transcendent Tanzanite

Named for the east African country Tanzania, the only place in the world where it has been found, tanzanite is celebrated for its unique colour. Its deep blue hue with purple undertones is unmatched in the gemstone industry. The Discovery of Tanzanite Although a newcomer to the jewelry market, tanzanite’s unusual discovery and subsequent marketing campaign have given it a ...

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