The Legacy of Belgian Colonialism in Africa

Belgian colonialism

John Middleton’s Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara sees Belgian paternalism as founded as formed on the belief that assuring Africans a relative degree of well-being would obviate any demands they might otherwise make for meaningful political participation. Until the 1950s, the Belgians systematically curbed any form of post-secondary education for Africans. “Paternalism” was based on the doctrine that ...

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Roots of Ethnicity in Africa

Ethnicity in Africa

Conflicts have been driving forces throughout human history. Africa as community of people experienced its own share of conflicts before the coming of Europeans. Before this encounter, however, the concept of ethnicity did not exist in Africa. As a linguistic construct, ethnicity is a creation of colonialism. This explains the amount of controversy surrounding the use of the term. Bruce ...

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Philae, Temple of Isis, is a Must See in Egypt

Philae, Temple of Isis

Known as the centre of the cult of Isis, Philae has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. Today, however, the actual island of Philae is completely submerged under the waters of Lake Nasser, but the monuments survived. When the British built the old Aswan Dam on the Nile River at the turn of the 19th century, the temples on ...

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Uganda Imposing Daily Tax on Use of Social Media

uganda whatsapp tax

It is unimaginable that online social platforms could be taxed, but in Uganda it is turning to reality. The government has levied a daily tax on such services including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Ugandan president said the social media encourages gossip and so a daily tax of 200 Ugandan shillings (approximately $0.05 USD) will be levied. This move is somewhat ...

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Suriname – Small, Little Known Former Dutch Colony


Suriname. Few know much about it or even know where it is at. To fill you in, it is located in the North-eastern corner of South America. Formerly Dutch Guiana, the country is sandwiched between Guyana and French Guyana. It was acquired by the Dutch during the 1667 Peace of Breda Treaty which granted the land to the Dutch, and ...

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Foundation and Rise of the Songhai Empire in Africa

Songhai Empire in Africa

At the height of its power, the Songhai power controlled and exacted tribute across the western Sudan. With renowned commercial and scholarship hubs like Timbuktu and Gao, the empire rose to the kind of prominence and power that few empires in the western Sudan ever matched. The stage for the founding of the Songhai Empire was set in the Dendi ...

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The Rise of Nelson Mandela Nationally and Internationally

Nelson Mandela

The African National Congress (ANC) began to lead a revolution among the majority of blacks. In May 1994, four years after being released from prison, Nelson Mandela stood before his nation as the first democratically announced president, but beneath the hopes surrounding his rise, the remnants of decades of apartheid were dangerously moulded, his country , still divided, were on ...

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