Cameroon’s English-Speaking Crisis Reaches Nigeria

Cameroon's English-Speaking Crisis

More than 28,000 people have fled Cameroon and entered Nigeria since October this year following increased crackdown by authorities in Yaounde region. Head of the Cross River state emergency management agency said many of them crossed the border on foot and not yet registered. Cameroon gained independence in 1960 from British and French colonial rules separately dividing the country and ...

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Uganda To Import Cuban Doctors

Uganda government is planning to import 200 Cuban doctors and even hire several retired medical professors of its own country to reduce manpower gaps. It is learned the government has constituted an ad hoc committee to work out the plan in details and it will be chaired by Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng. A Cabinet source meanwhile mentioned the hiring ...

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Kenyan President Vows To Flush Out Terrorists

Kenyan President

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed Thursday to be flushing out terrorists from the country who have been responsible for loss of innocent lives and attempted to create hatred, division and fear among the people. Citing unity among the people in Kenya the president added they will win war against terrorism as they have right as well as might on their ...

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China Alleged Had Influenced Coup In Zimbabwe


In recent years Zimbabwe’s relation with China had seen a slight downfall and now under the watch of new President Emmerson Mnangagwa the bilateral ties could strengthen. The recent coup action in the country to force former President Rober Mugabe to step down is alleged to have been influenced by China concerned over its investments. However, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ...

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Coup Actions Were Lawful: Zimbabwe High Court


The recent coup was legal in Zimbabwe that took over the affairs of government and arrested former President Robert Mugabe along with several others who worked with him and were criminals, said High Court on Friday. About more than a week ago the Zimbabwean army placed Mugabe under house arrest in capital city Harare saying the criminals around him are ...

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Bloodless Coup In Zimbabwe Hailed


The bloodless coup in Zimbabwe is now being hailed and one similar statement has come from the National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga, who said the overthrowing of President Robert Mugabe has been peaceful and a prosperous future has been promised. In a press statement Raila also urged the countrymen to pursue path to a credible election. He added that ...

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Finally Resigns

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

With the resignation of President Robert Mugabe the Zimbabweans are calling it an end era after 37 years and the near-ruined economy of the country may improve. Mugabe’s resignation came as a letter that was read out in parliament by the speaker. It was shocking as he had resisted pressure to do so until now. He once had even said ...

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