Growth Of Internet Infrastructure In Rural Areas

The Tanzania government has directed telecom operators to develop broadband access across the country by investing in Internet infrastructure in rural areas. Around 19 million internet users accessed the World Wide Web last year through their mobile phones, up from 18 million in 2016, according to figures released by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).Internet penetration in the nation of ...

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Patriotism Required At The Borders

Tanzania ‘a goverment  institutions’ executives along the country’s borders have been reminded to practise high level of patriotism, making sure no shoddy goods can set foot into the country. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industries and Trade, Professor Elisante Ole Gabriel has accoutred the warning to 15 government institutions’ executives during his special tour to Namanga One Border Post. ...

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7 days as grace for traffic offenders

  Tanzania police have issued a seven-day ultimatum for drivers and motor vehicle owners, to clear their outstanding debts for notification of traffic offences, before legal actions are taken. At Dar es Salaam, the Head of Police Traffic Department, Fortunatus Muslim said from August 1 the department will launch an operation to arrest those who were yet to clear their ...

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Relation between South Korea and Tanzania going strong

  Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-Yon declared that expeditious growth of Tanzania’s economy will open up more opportunities between the business communities in South Korea and Tanzania in Dar es Salaam on Monday during launching of the Tanzania-Korea Business Forum. The event was part of the venture during his three-day visit to the country since last Saturday.He eulogized the government for accreditng  ...

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No Justice for Aquilina Baftaha!

Political pandamonium in Tanzania’s commercial city of Dar es Salaam resulted into death of a 1st year female student of NIT ( National Institution of Transport) last Friday. The student, Aquilina Akwilin Baftaha was brutually shot by a single bullet which cut across her head,as she sat in a commuter van on her way home from college. The bullet that ...

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5,000 Nigerian Doctors Serving In South Africa: Report

nigerian doctor

A new report reveals about 5,000 medical practitioners from Nigeria are currently in South Africa and this mean almost every hospital in the country has a sizeable number of Nigerian doctors. The information was revealed by Consul General of Nigeria in South Africa, Godwin Adama, citing statement issued by the Vice Consul, Information, and Culture, Mr. David Abraham, in Abuja ...

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Decline of Russia, Rise of China and the Apex of Africa’s Look East Policy

Look East Policy

At the end of the Cold War, Russia’s influence in Africa waned considerably and this vacuum was immediately filled by the impatient China. Banking on its gains in Africa, China easily convinced the entire continent that it was a more credible partner than Europe and even the United States which in the eyes of many Africans were merely imperialists and ...

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