Nigeria Needs Restructuring To Move Forward


Nigeria needs restructuring and only then the country can move forward, said Dayo Fafunmi, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Environment. Fafunmi added that Nigerians should embrace the call for restructuring the nation and this is the surest way to move forward and Nigeria could become a great country that all the Blacks will be proud of. Fafunmi was ...

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CCIB FM+ Radio Station Banned For 3 Months By Burundi Government

CCIB FM+ Radio Station

Criticizing the government has landed a Burundi radio station off air. CCIB FM+ is temporarily silenced after airing of an editorial equipped with content of deaths of 36 Burundian asylum seekers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Run by Burundi’s chamber of commerce, the radio channel is sanctioned for having broadcast a criticizing editorial over the massacre of Burundian ...

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Liberia’s Upcoming Presidential Election Most Unpredictable

liberia election

Twenty candidates will be combating the presidential election in Liberia following the step down of President Sirleaf after 12 years. The polls will be held on October 10 this year and is said to be most hotly contested one. It is unpredictable as several new faces have emerged as contestant. The country will also select members of the House of ...

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Washington Knew About Rwanda Genocide

rwanda genocide

Hundreds and thousands of Rwandans were killed in 1994, between April and July, in the country and it was the most rapid genocide ever recorded. The incidence has been compared with the Nazi Holocaust in its surreal brutality. The murdering were conducted with simple tools like herding the people into buildings and setting them aflame with kerosene. The murder weapons ...

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500 Rwandan Judges Sacked

Rwandan Judges

More than 500 judges in Rwanda have been sacked giving room to the appointment of 223 new ones and an effort to improve performance of judicial that had been crippled for long by 1994 genocide cases mainly number in thousands. The sacked judges are alleged to have lacked professional qualifications and were appointed hastily following the 1994 genocide that killed ...

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Burundian Refugees To Repatriate From Tanzania On September 7

Tanzania has reached an agreement with Burundi and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and under it the Burundian refugees hosted in Tanzania will be repatriated today, September 7. The move will only involve those Burundian refugees who have agreed voluntarily to return back to their country and help in the building of the nation. Despite the repatriation, it ...

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Namibia Calls The World To Solve Western Sahara Issue


President of Namibia, Hage Geingob, said in Windhoek the world need to sort out the protracted Western Sahara issue. Earlier too the country raised the same voice on several occasions that Morocco has illegal occupation of Western Sahara. Addressing to a conference of the African-European party dialogue of socialists and democrats, the president added he is hopeful the Europe and ...

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