One Of World’s Largest Diamond Discovered At Sierra Leone Mine

largest diamond

Is this the world’s largest diamond. It is a 706-carat large stone and found in the mines of eastern Sierra Leone. Pastor Emmanuel Momoh was one of the thousands of workers who were working in the informal mining sector in the Kono region, known for diamond mostly. The large diamond was later presented to Sierra Leone President Dr Ernest Bai ...

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Tanzanian Channel Presenter Suspended Over Televising Fake News

tbc1 tv news channel

Senior journalist and presenter of a popular Tanzanian TV news channel and eight of his fellow employees have been suspended over televising fake news of United States President Donald Trump over the weekend. In the news relayed on TBC1 it was falsely claimed Trump has praised Tanzanian President John Magufuli for his move taken against corruption and presented him as ...

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East Africa Facing Hunger On Massive Scale, DEC Appeals For Fund

About sixteen million people in east Africa are facing hunger on a massive scale and Disasters Emergency Commission called on Wednesday a major appeal for funds to scale up the response to drought. The areas struck with drought most include Somalia, southern and south eastern Ethiopia and northern as well as coastal Kenya. There had been rianfall shortage of about ...

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Kenya’s Rift Valley Suffer Politics-Based Clashes Ahead Of Elections

Kenya's Rift Valley Clashe

In the recent weeks the Rift Valley region in Kenya has become a place of deadly clashes between the farmers and cattle rustlers. Over a dozen houses have been destroyed and local people are accusing the police of doing so. Villager James Tangin said he couldn’t understand why the police is attacking their homes and after the first sound of ...

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Damascus Struck By Twin Deadly Bombs; 40 Killed, Ton Injured

damascus twin bomb attacks

At least forty people have been killed in Syrian capital Damascus after two bombs exploded near to holy shrines of Shiites Muslims. More than ton is reported to have been wounded too in the blast. No jihad group or other militant organization has yet taken credit of the attacks, but it is believed to be an act of Islamic State ...

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Kenyan President Urges People To Remain Away From Poll Chaos

kenyan president uhuru kenyatta

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta urged all the citizens to guard against those politicians who try to spread hatred and violence in the country during the polls. He added all the people should stand against the withvested interests of politicians in violence and since the 2007 election chaos the country has made significant progress. Kenyatta continued, “We must be vigilant to ...

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South African, Indonesian Presidents Agreed Cooperation In Air Transport

South African Presidents

South African President Jacob Zuma visited Indonesian capital Jakarta on Wednesday and had a bilateral meeting with counterpart Joko Widodo to discuss mutual cooperations of the two nations. It is learned the two leaders talked about cooperation in the field of air as well as railway transportation. Indonesian Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said the South African president appreciated ...

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