How the West Appreciated Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Until relations went completely sour in the last decades of the 20th century, Mugabe was inundated with honorary degrees and awards from western universities and other outstanding institutions. In addition to his personal academic accomplishments, the Zimbabwean leader holds honorary doctorate degrees from reputable institutions from the U.S through Britain to Russia. These include the University of Edinburgh, the University ...

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British Search for River Nile in Africa

river nile

No mystery was quite so fascinating for the Victorian explorers of Africa as the riddle of the source of the Nile. John Hanning Speke 1827-1864 A keen sportsman, Speke visited Africa in 1857 with Burton to search for the source of the Nile. Both men suffered terribly with fever, and Speke once nearly went blind. But on July 30 1858, ...

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Foreign Policy of France in Post Colonial Africa

post colonial africa

The Second World War marked a major turning point in Frances relations with its colonies. The turmoil that characterised French politics during and after the war led to constitutional changes that facilitated African independence. In 1946 for example, France’s Fourth Republic passed a new constitution which granted citizenship to France’s colonial subjects. In Africa, the bedrock of agitation against French ...

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Election Commission Building Attacked In Libyan Capital Tripoli

libyan election commission

Election Commission office in Libyan capital Tripoli was attacked on Wednesday by two bombers who infiltrated the building and fired at people inside before detonating explosives. Islamic State claimed responsibility through its affiliated Amaq news agency. Fourteen people were killed. Elections in the country is planned for later in 2018 and the attack is seen as aimed to disrupt the ...

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Nigerian President Buhari To Meet Trump Today


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to meet later toady US counterpart in the White House and it is being talked whether it could be the belated beginning of the Trump administration’s Africa policy. p It was not earlier expected the US president would have some immediate focus on Africa even though during his election campaign he had vowed to ...

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Ivory Coast: From Independence to Political Instability

ivory coast

In the years following independence in 1960, Ivory Coast became an example of peace and prosperity under the guidance of Felix Houphouet Boigny, who ran the country for 33 years. After his death in 1999, adverse economic circumstances and xenophobia led the country towards division, political instability and civil war. This year 2010 – five years after Laurent Gbagbo’s mandate ...

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Egypt Bans Rice Growing To Save Water

rice growing in egypt

Egyptian farmers have turned a deaf ear toward government restrictions on plantation that is aimed to conserve water for years. Instead, in Kafr Ziada village in the Nile River Delta they have continued growing a medium-grain variety of rice that is highly prized around the Arab world. The Egyptian parliament passed a law late Sunday to ban cultivation fearing water ...

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