Chinese Diplomats Hail Efforts With Tanzania To Wildlife Conservation

wildlife conservation

Tanzanian and China have been lately working closely, cooperating each other, in the conservation of wildlife. Diplomats and officials of both the nations hailed the efforts of each other in the operation. Both sides promised closer cooperation in future too while meeting at the China-Tanzania Forum on Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Development on Tuesday in the commercial capital Dar es ...

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American Ivory Investigator Living In Kenya Stabbed To Death

ivory investigator

American geographer, ivory investigator was stabbed to death in his house in Kenya’s suburb of Langata on Sunday afternoon, said police. Esmond Bradley Martin lived in Kenya for decades and has for long contributed to the fight against elephant poaching and illegal wildlife trade. He was stabbed in the neck and Nairobi Police Chief Japheth Koome said four suspects have ...

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Former Congolese Commander John Tshibangu Extradited From Tanzania

John Tshibangu

A renegade Congolese colonel John Tshibangu has now been extradited from Tanzania, after about a week being detained there, to face justice for rebellion. Tshibangu had earlier threatened to depose Congolese President Joseph Kabila saying “we are going to take Kabila down.” He had given 45 days ultimate to the president to step down. He was a military commander in ...

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Kenyan Opposition Leader Raila Odinga Swears As People’s President

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga declared himself Tuesday in capital Nairobi as people’s president. His swearing-in was controversial amid the event attended by thousands of his supporters. Television stations were shut down to prevent live coverage and government had earlier warned such an event would amount to treason. President Uhuru Kenyatta won the last election in October and was sworn ...

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Congo Hit By Worst Cholera Outbreak


Amid political crisis the Democratic Republic of Congo is undergoing the worst cholera outbreak in past twenty years. The epidemic broke out last year in July and since then more than 1,000 people have died. Torrential rainfall earlier this month has made the situation worst by causing mudslides and silting. Capital city Kinshasa has been hit hard due to limited ...

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African Countries Need To Fund Initiatives To Improve Lives Of People: Kenyatta

uhuru kenyatta

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said African countries are required to fund for the initiatives of the continent to improve the lives of people. Chairing African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) summit Kenyatta added that charity begins at home and all the countries need to collectively shoulder responsibilities. The president further said, “Even as we look outwards for support, we must play ...

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7000 Refugees Crosses Into Burundi From DRC Amid Violence In 3 Days

burundi refugees

Refugees in thousands crossed into Burundi from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and taken refuge in past three days amid clashes between the Congolese government forces and rebels in the eastern province of South Kivu. A rights activist said, “Yesterday, Lake Tanganyika seemed to be completely covered by hundreds of boats of all sizes, packed with refugees and their property, ...

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