Ghanian Government Explains Action Taken Against Local Radio Stations

A lot of emotions can currently be seen in Ghana amid radio listeners after the Minister for Communications issued a statement on the positive action taken by the National Communications Authority (NCA) against 131 local radio stations for not applying for renew of their licenses. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) had earlier looked for countering the statement to condemn NCA’s ...

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Death Toll After Truck Bomb Attack In Somalian Capital Reaches 300


The death toll has risen to over 300 in Somalian capital Mogadishu after a truck carrying about 500 kg of explosives exploded on Saturday at two busy junctions including one detonated close to a fuel truck that resulted with creating an enormous fireball. The attacks were deadliest in about a decade since 2007 when Islamist militant group al Shabaab began ...

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South Africa Preparing To No-Import Of Madagascar Plague

madagascar plague outbreak

Plague outbreak has taken place in Madagascar with 449 confirmed cases by World Health Organization (WHO). Amid such situation South Africa is implementing several measures to help not to import the disease. South African Department of Health says the plague in Madagascar is a zoonotic disease and is caused by a bacterium Yersinia pestis. Until now 48 people have died ...

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Elections Not Possible Before April 2019: Congo’s Electoral Commission

congo election

Joseph Kabila has been continuously making use of all the efforts to postpone his stepping down from the chair of President of Democratic Republic of Congo. Presidential election was scheduled to be held last year in November but it was failed even though there was wide protest by opposition claiming it to be unconstitutional. Lately the electoral commission added fuel ...

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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Urges Forces To Cooperate With UN Troops

salva kiir

South Sudan is ready to work together with the United Nations (UN) Regional Protection Force to achieve lasting peace and stability in the country. President Salva Kiir said addressing the state’s police force the role of its security is not to fight the UN forces but in fact to cooperate with them. South Sudan is the youngest nation in the ...

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CAR Conflict: Armed Forces Used Rape, Sexual Slavery As Weapon

car conflict

The conflict between Muslim Seleka and Christian and animist militia called anti-balaka in Central African Republic (CAR) during 2013 and mid-2017 was of high level of torture towards women and girls. The armed forces used rape and sexual slavery as weapons to punish them and take revenge. A 176-page report was released today by Human Rights Watch titled as “‘They ...

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Nigeria Needs Restructuring To Move Forward


Nigeria needs restructuring and only then the country can move forward, said Dayo Fafunmi, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Environment. Fafunmi added that Nigerians should embrace the call for restructuring the nation and this is the surest way to move forward and Nigeria could become a great country that all the Blacks will be proud of. Fafunmi was ...

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