Gambians To Go On Polls Tomorrow

After twenty-two years of one-party rule Gambia may see multiple parties entering the parliament. The country will go into election on Thursday, first time since departure of long time dictator leader Yahya Jammeh from the country. Several parties were united last December to form a coalition in Gambia and oust Jammeh, but internal tensions resulted with breakup of the unity. ...

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Kenyan Doctors End Strike But Long Path To Walk For Good Healthcare

The 100-day strike has ended. Doctors in Kenya are now back to work, but question has been raised what are the long-term implications of it on the creaking health service of the country. The strike started with demands to implement a collective bargaining agreement by the government that was signed in 2013 and it ended after more than three months ...

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Life Is Opposite In US And Congo: Refugee Mwibeleca Amuri

congolese refugee

Mwibeleca Amuri, a refugee from Congo, fled from his country due to war and political turmoil in 1997 to Tanzania where he met and married his wife. Both together has five children and the oldest is now 18-year-old. Last year in September he resettled in San Diego and recalls his struggles to welcome peace in his life. He is 39 ...

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Nigeria’s NAHCON Embraces IT Into Hajj

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) will be more updated taking the help of technology this year and for the 2017 hajj exercise it will deploy gadgets and adopt online registration. NAHCON has partnered with the Pakistani’s Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and states IT personnel to implement the role of information technology in hajj management. Chairman and Chief ...

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Muhammadu Sanusi Warns Buhari To Be Away From Flatterers

muhammadu buhari

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari should not be praised by singers and sycophants as they are the real enemies and can even destroy his efforts, said Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II. He urged Buhari the people in his government are surrounded by enemies and he feel sorry for them. Talking about his resignation as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Sanusi ...

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Passenger Jet Crashes In South Sudan’s Wau Airport In Juba

south supreme plane crashes in wau airport

A passenger jet plane carrying forty passengers and five crew members onboard of South Supreme Airlines crashed at an airport of South Sudanese capital Juba on Monday while landing. At least 37 people have been injured and no death has been reported. Most of the injured were injured from a nearby hospital soon after first air and the rest are ...

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World Bank Announces Huge Financial Package For Africa

world bank

About $57 billion in financing has been announced by the World Bank for sub-Saharan Africa for the period of next three fiscal years. It is learned out of the total assured the International Development Association will be supporting with $45 billion. It will support 448 projects too which are underway in the region. The association is World Bank fund and ...

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