CCIB FM+ Radio Station

CCIB FM+ Radio Station Banned For 3 Months By Burundi Government

Criticizing the government has landed a Burundi radio station off air. CCIB FM+ is temporarily silenced after airing of an editorial equipped with content of deaths of 36 Burundian asylum seekers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Run by Burundi’s chamber of commerce, the radio channel is sanctioned for having broadcast a criticizing editorial over the massacre of Burundian refugees.

Director and editor Eddy Claude Nininahazwe confirmed CCIB FM+ has been temporarily silenced.

National Council of Communication released a press statement calling the broadcast “contrary to professional ethics and the law governing the press.”

The press released added CCIB FM+ has been banned for three months with immediate effect.

Over the killings of Burundian refugees in DRC the government officials maintained tight lipped silence and only the foreign minister Alain-Aime Nyamitwe said in a tweet that explanations are needed.

He however added that the radio station has not broken law. He condemned the suspension.

Nyamitwe added that it is shocking to know that the station didn’t had balanced editorial as such commentary or such subject is free in terms of rules of the profession.

A data from United Nations and aid agencies reveal some 500 to 2000 people were dead in violence of April 2015 when President Pierre Nkurunziza announced to run for third term in office. About 425,000 Burundians fled to neighboring countries.

Reporters Without Borders claimed Nkurunziza as press freedom predators following regular arrest of journalists as well as destruction of independent radio station.

A data reveals about 100 reports have fled to neighboring countries since the April 2015 crisis.

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