China Alleged Had Influenced Coup In Zimbabwe

In recent years Zimbabwe’s relation with China had seen a slight downfall and now under the watch of new President Emmerson Mnangagwa the bilateral ties could strengthen.

The recent coup action in the country to force former President Rober Mugabe to step down is alleged to have been influenced by China concerned over its investments.

However, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s administration has denied such allegations and expecting the new president to have a friendlier face to Beijing’s commercial interests.

Analyst of international politics views China will bankroll the new president as it did to Mugabe and his wife for years.

Robert Mugabe became president in 1980 and since then China has fostered intimate personal, military and political ties, and providing the government interest-free loans. This resulted with hefty Chinese investments in the country in several industries including power, diamond and tobacco.

The new president, 75, is believed to be better than Mugabe and to focus mainly on restoring economy and land reforms.. He was earlier vice president of the country but was fired about a month ago. He is nicknamed “the Crocodile.”

Meanwhile, head of the Africa program at Chatham House, Alex Vines, said the interest of China is in a better investment climate in the African country.

Mugabe resigned last week and Zimbabweans called it an end of an era after 37 years and the near-ruined economy of the country may improve.

Mugabe’s resignation came as a letter that was read out in parliament by the speaker. It was shocking as he had resisted pressure to do so lately.

In the letter the old man mentioned he is resigning to allow a peaceful and smooth transfer of power and it is his voluntary decision to do so.