Civil Servants Ban Lifted, Review Still Awaited For Ghost Employees

President John Magufuli has lately announced the existing ban of civil servants would be relaxed temporarily.

A complete review of the civil service employee is still pending and would be conducted as said earlier to uncover ghost workers.

Until now more than 18,000 phantom workers have been uncovered and the exercise started in July for a period of two months and so the ban has been lifted.

Briefing to the press people the president said the government is looking ahead to eliminate few people who are not legitimate employees.

Magufuli added the defined exercise has been successful and without it the amount of money spent on salaries would have escalated tremendously if the people were still in the payroll system.

He further continued the money retrieved from the exercise has also helped the government in clearing arrears such as that of school teachers.

A data reveals arrears of about 63,500 teachers have been cleared lately and over 39,000 teachers are still waiting for clearance.

The occasion was completion of one year of the Magufuli government and the president said the exercise is undergoing several challenges too.

In the past one year the government has announced a free education program in primary and secondary education and the enrolment rate rose by 84 and 26 percent respectively.

Magufuli said his government has also discovered some ghost students too in universities and they have been benefiting from the higher education students loans board.

In his first year of tenure in office Magufuli received 47 invitations from foreign countries, but had only gone for three trips to cut government expenditure.

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