Congo Must Not Delay Presidential Elections: EU

The recent violence in Congo has been criticized by the United States as well as European Union (EU) and fresh sanctions have been imposed on the resource-rich nation.

EU foreign ministers is learned to be imposing sanctions against all those who are now being alleged to have been responsible for stoking violence in September and fueling the political crisis of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The ministers will be meeting in Luxembourg to discuss the turmoil in the country and also the delay in general elections scheduled to be held in November.

The electoral commission announced last month the general elections would not be possible to conduct before early 2018.

However, it is being said the delay in general elections may risk unrest further and would jeopardize the fragile stability of DRC.

It is also being concerned Kabila is trying to cling to power and understanding the diplomacy the United States had earlier ratched up its sanctions against the country.

It is learned the EU would demand for an independent inquiry of the violence taken place last month amid blames the government forces were behind it.

Analysts believe Kabila would also be put pressure to start dialogue with opposition and help come up with a timetable for new presidential and parliamentary elections by next year.

If Kabila fails to come up with EU’s expectations, the ministers may warn to impact the bloc’s relationship with the country.

EU is the biggest foreign-aid donors and second-largest trade partner to Congo.