Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins Steps Into University Studies In Tanzania

Tanzania probably may mean to many that disabled child should not be marginalized or abandoned at birth. A pair of conjoined sisters, Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti, are now setting into campus life at a university in the country.

The 20-year-old sisters are now minor celebrities in Tanzania. They are joined at the abdomen and media houses have followed the two closely through high school and even at the Ruaha Catholic University recently.

University spokeswoman Mwazarau Mathola said even though the classes will start in October, but the sisters have arrived ahead of it by couple of weeks in order to get habituated of the new life and also take computer lessons simultaneously.

Ruaha Catholic University is in Iringa.

Mathola added, “A separate house has been provided for them, furnished and set up for their needs, because they can’t be housed in normal student accommodation.”

The spokeswoman continued that a couch has been installed in the classroom to help them sit comfortably. A carer too will be provided.

The sisters will be studying education at the university and probably to become teachers of history, English and Swahili.

One of the sisters made an emotional call earlier this year in July on state television not to lock or hide their handicapped children as they must know themselves as are human beings and should enjoy equal rights.

The sisters were abandoned after the death of their father and Catholic mission adopted them. Both enjoy cooking and knitting together.

Both thanked the teacher to help them through highschool and government for providing vehicle from home to school everyday.

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