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Continued Violence In Central African Republic A Threat To Healthcare System

Amid violence many displaced people of Central African Republic have started returning back to their homes, but the most worrying factor is threat of healthcare system in delivering medical aids to them.

Launching a new health plan for the country, World Health Organization’s Africa director Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti said renewed fighting is sweeping the country and paralyzing the healthcare system too.

Moeti visited capital city Bangui lately as it is one of the few places in the country which remains under the control of the government. The other areas are held by rebel fighters.

Moeti expressed the security situation in Central African Republic is highly worrying and particularly in terms of the functioning of healthcare services.

The country is under civil war for past about four years and frequent clashes between the rebels and government forces have caused “extensive degradation” of health services too.

She was in the capital with a new healthcare plan that focuses on re-establishing the public health systems as well as healthcare infrastructure.

She added the new healthcare plan will bolster the treatment of HIV/AIDS, cholera, measles and meningitis.

A data reveals about 1 in 20 people in the country are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Humanitarian access to civilians has been cut off by the rebels and its fighters are frequently infiltrating the shelter camps too where displaced citizens are taking refuge.

Tens of thousands of people are currently taking shelter in churches, mosques, airport and makeshift camps without much safety and proper healthcare infrastructure.

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