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Copper Concentrates Export To Be Reviewed: Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Magufuli said Sunday to be reviewing the mining contracts with foreign companies aiming to improve the documentation of copper concentrates export for the benefit of the country.

A day before Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) impounded more than 260 export-bound shipping containers with the help of security agents in Dar es Salaam.

All the containers were sealed with copper concentrates from Buzqagi Gold Mine (BZGM).

In February the president ordered seizer of twenty containers loaded with copper concentrates from BZGM mining firm in Dar es Salaam after visiting the port.

Two days ago he sacked the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals too in connection to copper concentrates exports.

National Assembly speaker Job Ndugai as well as a team of Members of Parliament inspected the seized containers and said the copper concentrates transportation process is to be reviewed about how those will be exported.

Ndugai said, “There has been a feeling that we are being cheated as a nation on the issue, therefore as parliament we have decided to play our role of advising the government on the issue.”

He further added the government wants to know in details about how the concentrates are analyzed, packed as well as exported from the source.

A data reveals over 50,000 containers of copper concentrates are exported each year from Tanzania.

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