Coup Actions Were Lawful: Zimbabwe High Court

The recent coup was legal in Zimbabwe that took over the affairs of government and arrested former President Robert Mugabe along with several others who worked with him and were criminals, said High Court on Friday.

About more than a week ago the Zimbabwean army placed Mugabe under house arrest in capital city Harare saying the criminals around him are being targeted.

This resulted with Mugabe being fired by his own Zanu-PF party and two days later of it he stepped down, resigning from the chair of president.

The coup was staged under commander Constantine Chiwenga.

Justice Chiweshe JP said the actions of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) were lawful and it was constitutionally permissible in which Mugabe was cited as first respondent. The actions were supported by section 212 of the Zimbabwean constitution.

The next who were cited in the application were Minister of Defence, the commander of the defence forces and the Attorney General.

Part of the ruling of Justice Chiweshe reads, “It is consequently ordered that the actions of the defence forces being constitutionally valid, second respondent has the right to take all such measures and undertake all such acts as it will bring the desired end to its intervention.”

Former president’s wife Grace Mugabe was accused of presiding over the judiciary as well as the parliament in the application.

Some loyal ministers too were arrested in the interventions and are set to appear in court on Saturday to answer the charges linked back to the 1990s too.