Dozen Missing With Boat Sink In Lake Malawi Sailing From Mbamba Bay To Nkhata Bay

About a dozen people have died sinking in Lake Malawi on Saturday, in dawn hours, after a Tanzanian boat sailing from Mbamba Bay to Nkhata Bay in Malawi drowned.

Malawi News Ageny has confirmed the news adding passengers had last talked to people at around 3 a.m. from Nkhata Bay.

Outgoing Assistant Surveyor of Vessels is responsible for Likoma Island and Nkhata Bay.

Chikumbutso Ziyaya said the MV Mapeza passengers asked for rescue in the last talk as their boat was filled with water due to strong mwera wind.

Ziyaya added lack of funds failed to send rescue team to the passengers. However, a private boat was sent at around 7 a.m. but it was too late to save the drowned people.

Among the dead or missing seven are from Tanzania and the nationality of remaining five is yet to be known.

Ziyaya said the private boat owned by Shad returned back without tracing MV Mapeza.

Most of the people traveling fromLikoma Island to Nkhata Bay through boats are not sea worthy

About a week ago another boat was towed by a private boat. It was sailing from Likoma Island to Nkhata Bay

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